We are a team of experienced engineers and consultants who are outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies! We are passionate about developing new, easier to use, and more manageable manufacturing software that is customized to the needs of each client. We love solving complex manufacturing problems and are excited to learn more about your business!

Our Vision


We take the time to understand our customers’ needs, simplify the issues, and then solve the problems that move the needle before moving on to the next problem.  Most MRP systems are overly expansive, expensive, and complex. By focusing and making incremental, integrated changes to systems we remove complexity while decreasing timelines, cost and disruption to operations.

Why ProcessBuild

How are we different from other MRP systems out there?

We integrate into legacy systems and develop new, easier to use, and more manageable manufacturing software that is customized to the needs of each client.

Many MRP/ERP systems require you to purchase an entire turnkey solution, which often includes a large set of functions and modules that are not needed within your operation.

With ProcessBuild, you can purchase and implement only the modules that you need. Most MRP/ERP systems are built on a closed-loop system and are unable to integrate with other systems you want to utilize for your day-to-day operations or additional functionality.

We help you choose which modules best fit your needs, and we consult with you on how to improve productivity by limiting installation downtime and changeover time.

This is achieved by designing systems that work hand in hand with your current systems. Once in place, we work to upgrade the older systems if needed, on a gradual basis through incremental changes that do not disrupt your operations. 

We work with you even after the implementation to provide continuous support and make improvements to the system.

Bespoke / Custom made

Bespoke refers to the best fit possible. We understand what you need best and we will design softwares around your needs. We create a product that fits your needs rather than you trying to fit our systems.


Usability is key. ProcessBuild builds products that people can easily interact with. People in part are buying a brand and not the product. If they feel they cannot interact with a brand, this emotion will roll over to the product.


ProcessBuild can easily integrate with most of the systems. We can link and connect with everything. No matter how old or how buggy a legacy system is.
We connect, build and improve it.

Leadership Team

Carlie Urell

Carlie Urell

Sales Manager

Tiha Juhász

Tiha Juhász

Lead Developer

Vladut Avramescu

Vladut Avramescu