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Our platform schedules, integrates, automates, analyses, and tracks your steps and processes to help maximize your efficiency.

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Plan Everything To The Second


We help you choose which modules best fit your needs, and we consult with you on how to improve productivity by limiting installation downtime and changeover time. This is achieved by designing systems that work hand in hand with your current systems. Once in place, we work to upgrade the older systems if needed, on a gradual basis through incremental changes that do not disrupt your operations.


The production scheduler gives you a comprehensive overview and better control over production planning by improving the visibility of the manufacturing process.

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Production Management System

ProcessBuild’s production management software enables you to gain greater control of your production process, increase throughput, and decrease lead time.

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Allocation System

ProcessBuild’s Allocation System helps optimize the production process by allowing you to understand what, when, and where resources are needed.

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Traceability System

Due to rising safety standards and compliance regulations, traceability has become one of the most pressing issues for manufacturers. ProcessBuild comes equipped with an end-to-end traceability system

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Reporting and Data Analytics

ProcessBuild helps automatically collect data and output custom reports that your company requires to make crucial decisions to gain a competitive advantage in today’s competitive environment.

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Inventory Management Systems

Inventory is one of the most critical assets for any manufacturing company.

A well-managed inventory system can lead to an increase in working capital, liquidity, and profits.

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I’ve worked with ProcessBuild for a few years now and they’ve provided nothing but the best service on an extraordinarily complex ongoing project.

Steve M.