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Integrations System

Manufacturing Resource Planning is an Incremental Information Integration Business process strategy implemented using hardware and modular software applications linked to a central database. ProcessBuild’s open system architecture enables us to connect to various systems to create a truly integrated manufacturing process that makes it a seamless process to centralize data. We have designed our product to ensure a smooth transition to an MRP system without compromising data integrity and giving you the capability to connect to other systems easily. 

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of a system capable of being integrated

Eliminate extra processes and human intervention by enabling systems to talk directly to each other

Ensure data integrity by avoiding data entry errors

Eliminate paperwork to create work orders, purchase orders etc…


Integration with production machines

ProcessBuild can connect to your production machines if the machine allows third-party applications to pull data using an API. Pulling production and maintenance data directly from a machine enables you to automate data collection, eradicating the element of human error in data entry. It also allows the system to communicate directly with the machine to pull production data, record maintenance checks, provide performance data and analytics.

    Manufacturing Integrated Internet of things (IIoT)

    ProcessBuild empowers you to create an IIoT system by allowing devices like handheld scanners, various sensors, and other manufacturing IoT devices to connect to the system. It is designed to record data from these devices automatically.

    Integration with third party Applications

    We can connect to third-party applications using API to enable you to pull data from these applications. In addition, building custom software gives us the ability to connect to third-party applications.

    Integrate with legacy systems to pull data

    One of the biggest hurdles in successfully implementing an integration system occurs when the system tries to pull data from legacy databases. In most cases, the legacy system is incompatible with the MRP system, and hence it cannot pull data from these databases. 

    ProcessBuild is designed to connect to legacy databases seamlessly, thereby saving you the time and complexity of moving all the data to a new database. In addition, it enables you to run the MRP system on two different databases till you are ready to transition to a new database.

      Transition from Legacy Databases to newer and more efficient databases

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