Allocation System

ProcessBuild’s Allocation System helps optimize the production process by allowing you to understand what, when, and where resources are needed and ensure that all production stages get the precise resources at the right time. 

allocation-system screenshot


of an Allocation System

Avoid under and over-allocation

Optimize consumption of resources

Improve procurement systems with shorter and more frequent purchase cycles to improve cash flow

Optimize use of working capital 

Decrease underutilized inventory costs


On-order inventory Allocation

ProcessBuild’s allocation system enables you to manage on order inventory to ensure that no unplanned inventory contributes to holding costs. With ProcessBuild, you can allocate inventory to jobs as soon as a purchase order is raised for material procurement. 

Data-driven materials requirement forecasting 

ProcessBuild’s resource allocation system enables you to create accurate materials requirement forecasts for jobs based on past allocations to improve recipe management and material planning. With ProcessBuild, you can:

      • Create data-driven predictions based on past resource consumption to forecast resources required to complete a work order 
      • Create accurate allocation plans based on forecasts for new jobs 
      • reduce over-allocation and resource conflicts on the shop floor.

Raw material allocation

ProcessBuild’s powerful material allocation system enables you to implement various raw material allocations based on dependent demand and improve the visibility of the materials already allocated to in-progress jobs. 

  • Perform hard and soft allocations
  • Allocate direct and indirect materials 
  • Split large lots of raw materials into smaller lots by weight, length, etc
  • View information about a batch of raw materials
  • Create sorting and filtering based on user-defined fields to increase information retrieval speed. 
  • View raw material allocation by job or processes.


    Manage open purchase order allocation 

    • Pull data from BOM to create inventory lists and manage allocations to optimize procurement of raw materials. 
    • Set inventory utilization controls (LIFO, FIFO, etc.)
    • Track raw material cost

      Labor Management 

      Labor management is key to achieving operational efficiency. Inefficient utilization of labor leads to increased labor costs that trickle down into increased production costs. ProcessBuild’s allocation system helps you optimize labor throughout the production process. 

      • Allocate labor efficiently across the production floor to optimize labor utilization 
      • Categorize and allocate labor by skill level.  
      • Calculate available labor as per skill and category to avoid a shortage on the production floor. 

      Machine Capacity Allocation

      Like all resources, machine time is limited for manufacturers. Therefore, maximizing the machine run time requires strategic planning. ProcessBuild’s allocation system helps plan machine time based on the jobs as per profitability and urgency. 

      • Maximize machine utilization by using the allocation system to efficiently allot production slots to jobs based on urgency and delivery dates. 
      • Reduce disruptions by accounting for machine downtime, maintenance, repairs, and changeover. 
      • Assign machine operators based on skill level and experience for machines and equipment, thereby improving overall equipment effectiveness. 

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