Reporting & Data Analytics

Data collection, processing, and analysis are essential to gain a competitive advantage in today’s competitive environment. ProcessBuild helps automatically collect data and output custom reports that your company requires to make crucial decisions. As a result, you will get a clearer picture of the state of your manufacturing processes and business, backed by data. We will work with you to design and implement a reporting system that supports your sales, purchasing, production management, financial, and quality control needs.
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of a Reporting & Data Analytics Module


Automate data collection to make reporting more manageable and less time-consuming


Get an overview of the company’s performance to improve shop floor visibility


Set benchmarks and compare against past performance


Identify problems and improvement opportunities in the production process


Improve quality control across the production floor by using detailed quality reports

Improve communication between manufacturing and other functional departments of the company

Inform essential business decisions regarding capacity expansion, growth, and profitability

Save time with predefined production report templates that give you in-depth information about your production process

Measure and monitor workforce performance and efficiency


Production v/s Sales

Over and under production lead to loss of sales and thereby reducing revenue. This report helps to understand and optimize production levels per the sales cycle to ensure sufficient capacity during peak sales cycles.

production report

sales report

    Manufacturing execution systems

    MES solutions are the building blocks of intelligent manufacturing systems that integrate production management with other functional roles such as data collection and analytics, recipe management, process planning, and quality control.

      HR management and shopfloor traceability

      • Increase accountability and responsibility by giving the operators and staff access to data and information to resolve production issues independently. 
      • Create individual login systems and customized individual authorization systems for all operators to track labor efficiency and allocate tasks. 
      • Customized production plan and tracking for all employees

        Production Reporting

        Accurate production reports are the key to quick and effective decision-making in manufacturing as they equip the decision-making with all the information needed to make correct decisions. Our system gathers data in real-time for the production floor to generate reports. 

        • Maintenance report 

        Maintenance reports help you understand the costs associated with malfunctioning or underperforming equipment, quality issues, and expenses related to wastage and repairs and determine if any preventive maintenance measures should be taken and eliminate unplanned downtime. It also enables you to perform a root cause analysis for machine downtime.
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        • Production report 

        Production reports cover metrics like machine speed, input, output, shift worker, etc., to give an overview of what was produced, how long it took, and which raw materials were consumed during the production process.
        production report screenshot

        • Production efficiency report 

        These reports help you determine the production floor’s yield, efficiency, and output for a given period. You can filter the information process-wise or machine-wise to check on the overall effectiveness of the machine or processes. Efficiency reports aid in understanding where there is room for improvement. It also records and shows manufacturing variances. 

        • Scrap/wastage report 

        Scrap reports record, track and analyse information about cost and causes of wastage at a job level. For example, was it a process error or a human error? Were the materials defective? Scrap reports enable you to get a better insight into managing wastage in manufacturing operations and saving money.

        • Categorize scrap by reasons (Engineered, Operator based, Material defects, Job changeover, Maintenance-related)
        • Create scrap reports with consolidated comments to get a broader view of scrap and its implications.

        Identify and eliminate wastage in the manufacturing process, creating a leaner production system. 

          Warehouse Management

          • Order Fulfilment report 

          Order fulfillment reports help to analyze the order fulfillment rate and optimize your order fulfillment strategy. 

          • Shipment reports 

          Shipment reports let you view all the planned, in-progress, and delayed shipments. In addition to this, it also shows promise dates for finished goods and batch details for each delivery. 

          Inventory analysis 

          Our Inventory analysis software enables you to understand inventory levels better, optimize cash flow, reduce stockouts, and manage inventory efficiently. 

          • Perform ABC analysis
          • Calculate Inventory turnover ratio
          • Create Cycle counts reports 
          • Create Finished Goods report
          • Create a detailed WIP report 
          • Understand Raw Materials stocks 
          • Produce Procurement Reports

            Financial Analysis

            • Sales Report

            The sales reports help determine the company’s sales velocity to understand how fast deals move through the pipeline. 

            A predictive sales report is used for operational capacity planning and forward scheduling. In addition, they help to ensure the availability of raw materials and capacity during peak sales seasons.

            Financial report feature screenshot

            • Profitability Report

            The profitability report is created automatically by pulling financial data at the job level. It helps determine which jobs are profitable and which ones are causing you to lose money. 

            You can view profitability for a custom time period or at a job level. Every report consists of a comparison between the estimated cost and actual cost to help understand variability.

            • Identify the least and most profitable clients 
            • Identify the least and most profitable SKU’s 
            • Make decisions about product mix to maximize profits 
            • Isolate and rectify the cause of decreasing profit margins in the long term

            Profitability forecasting reports allow you to forecast the profitability of a proposed job or optimize the profitability of recurring jobs and anticipate the profit potentials of a particular order. 

            Profitability report screenshot

            Profitability report screenshot

            • Cost reports

            Cost reports help to keep track of the total cost of all resources used for a job. For example, it indicates what it costs you to convert the raw materials into finished goods. In addition, keeping track of COGS helps determine operating income and identify cost centers in the company.

            • Manufacturing costs 
            • COGS reports
            • Fixed v/s Variable v/s semi-variable cost analysis 

              Traceability Reports

              Increase visibility and accountability throughout the production process with our traceability reports. These reports play a crucial role in creating an accurate track & trace system throughout the manufacturing system to trace back jobs and identify errors, when necessary, efficiently. 

              Through traceability reports, you can achieve the following:

              • Process tracing 
              • Product tracing 
              • Job tracking 
              • Lot tracking 
              • Materials tracing 
              • Cost tracing 
              • Serial number 

              ProcessBuild’s traceability reporting system uses serial numbers or order numbers to track every job, from raw materials through WIP to finished goods. 

              Traceability report screenshot

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